Thankful For Oral Sensory Tools

Adelaide’s school loaned us an oral sensory tool called the Grabber XT from Ark Therapeutic. Addie fell in love. It is traveling between school and home in a plastic sandwich bag. She takes it to school and church and grandma’s house and the store and Mema’s house and back to school.

When we first received it, I was brainstorming which ones to buy. How much to spend. It was apparent that Adelaide needed these in her life.

adelaide with grabber

Two days later, I received a catalog and note card from the company. One of Adelaide’s cheerleaders {and one of my best friends} had purchased a $40 gift certificate. Ark Therapeutic even made an individualized coupon code for Adelaide, so I could buy her tools online.

When we received the certificate in the mail, this is what I posted on our Facebook page:

In tears! Adelaide just received a card saying all her oral sensory tools have been covered! We seriously have the best friends! The Lord shall supply all your *needs*…

ark certificate

The Lord shall supply all your needs. I do believe it. Even in the really hard times. The truth is that Dave and I can’t supply all of Adelaide’s needs. Our friends and family can’t. The school can’t. The government certainly can’t. Only God can. And I cling to that truth.

Here are the goodies we ordered for Miss A. I was going to wait until they arrived to share them, but I just couldn’t! I am thankful for tools to help Adelaide on her journey. And I am thanking God for friends who listen to His voice and step out to meet needs. It’s always an encouragement when the Holy Spirit whispers and someone listens.

red xxt y chewxt grabberxxt textured grabber tri chew firm xt grabber  xt y xxt grabber

We were able to choose the perfect variety of smooth and textured in two different strengths! Plus, they gave us a freebie. Little harmonicas for speech therapy!

mini harmonicas

We are going to keep one harmonica, give one to school, and give one away here on the blog…keep your eyes open for a giveaway. Because someone blessed us, we will be able to bless someone else. What a beautiful Thanksgiving gift.

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2 thoughts on “Thankful For Oral Sensory Tools

  1. Amy says:

    My little guy is sitting right beside me with the exact same green one in his mouth. :) We have had a lot of chewy tubes, but I think it is his very favorite. Finally, figured out attach it with links to his chair/car seat. It goes everywhere with us- or he will start biting everything else!


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