Five Minute Friday | Table

Ready, set, go…

Adelaide slept through Thanksgiving dinner.


It didn’t surprise me. She’s had an exhausting week. A 6 hour round-trip for a 2 hour appointment with our new neurologist.




A 30-year-old woman who’s studied in Pakistan, Texas, and at Duke. We loved her. She was caring, funny, and thorough. We left with a seizure action plan and a prescription for rectal diazepam, even though we just passed 9 months of being seizure-free.


She was shocked by Adelaide’s progress. We were, too. Adelaide decided to take 10 steps with Dave’s help. He was holding under her arms, when she decided to go from standing to taking 10 reciprocal steps. Ten.




So I wasn’t surprised that she slept through Thanksgiving dinner and missed sitting in her highchair at the kids’ table. She ate both her meal and her pie during dessert time. And she laughed and played and watched her Aunt Kita’s team play on tv. And she giggled so much we all couldn’t stop laughing at her.



She did Thanksgiving on her timeline. Which is how she does life. And we are thankful for the inchstones and the milestones and everything in between.

Time’s up.

Join me at with your very own five minutes of raw and unedited writing.


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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | Table

  1. kamryn2015 says:

    What a beautiful girl you have with eyes and a smile that light up your photos and I am sure your heart. I really like that you talk about how things with your daughter happen on her time schedule and not always yours. It reminds me of God’s perfect timing and plans for our lives! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Even if she wasn’t at the table at the same time, what a wonderful Thanksgiving for her! Blessings to you all!

  3. How precious is she?!?! Blessings on you and your family.
    ~#52 this week at FMF linkup

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