Is Kim Kardashian’s Butt Too Big?

Some well-meaning strangers sent me messages to complain inform me about the ads on my blog.

I don’t pay for my domain, so WordPress chooses all the ads they place in my posts. They are usually topshelf journalistic pieces about celebrities, animals behaving like humans (or vice versa), or someone being offended by something. I actually don’t get to see the ads. I get a little notification that you, my sweet friend, are seeing an ad. But I have no control over the click-bait.

Frequently, the ad asks you if Kim Kardashian’s butt is too big. Who’s to say? If you want to weigh in on that topic, go for it. I personally believe that only she who is without cheeks should cast the first stone.

But please don’t think poorly of me when you see those ads. I am at the mercy of WordPress.

The good news: if you are wanting to know what happened to a kid star from 1984, you will most likely find the tragic story at the bottom of my blog. My frugality is saving you Google time.

And that is my Christmas present to all of you. The gift of useless knowledge. You’re welcome.

pig driving

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