All He Wants For Christmas

One of Graham’s two front teeth was dangling by a thread. Literally. By one nerve. For SIX WEEKS. I told him if he let me jiggle it with a dental floss pick, I would buy him a book. Hardcover. None of that paperbook business. Six weeks of him never chewing on that side and protecting his tooth from its necessary fate


I touched his tooth, which he had actually shoved up into his gums sideways, and it fell out.


A few hours later, his other tooth fell out while eating banana cake. There was blood. He was freaked out and kept nervously chuckling.


We don’t do Tooth Fairy here, but Mommy and Daddy go all out on good dental visits and lost teeth. Teeth #3 and #4 earned him his Angry Birds book.


And, no, he won’t sing the song. I tried.


My big six-year-old. On Christmas Sunday. He’s my favorite boy.


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