Contagious Yawns

One day, I noticed that Adelaide didn’t yawn when Graham yawned. A few days later, she didn’t yawn when I yawned.

Adelaide is the first person I’ve ever met who didn’t catch a yawn from someone around her. She’s never done it. Not once in 4+ years.

She only yawns if she is actually tired.

I’ve seen science that supports neuro-disabled individuals not being susceptible to contagious yawning. I read somewhere else that about 10% of the population doesn’t catch yawns, regardless of brain function.

I’m curious. Do you catch yawns? Your kids? Your spouse? If you care for someone with a disability, what’s the yawning situation?

It’s a small thing, but it makes me laugh. Dave, Graham, Bess, and I can all be yawning and she just stares at us. I can only imagine what she’s thinking.



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