The Cheerleader Returns

Adelaide had a low-grade fever yesterday morning. So no school. And she was furious with me when she finally got up at the crack of 9:50.

“Addie sool?”
“Sorry, sweetie. No school today.”

The ‘you are a big, fat liar’ face was almost too much for me to handle.

Bath on Monday night means school on Tuesday morning. Adelaide knows her routines.

adelaide bath

On Monday night, when she saw me setting out her disposable diaper, orthotics, and clothes, she cheered, “Addie sooooool!”

18 days of Christmas Break. And Adelaide fussed every time we passed her school and didn’t turn into the parking lot.

Today, I woke her at 7:30 with Keppra in her crib.

“Yes, it’s time for school!”

After her bottle, she crawled to the door. She sat there chanting, over and over again:

“1! 2! Addie sool! 1! 2! Addie sool!”






After 19 days, we loaded up and drove to school. She cheered when I turned into her parking lot. She smiled when she saw her paraprofessional. She tried to will herself into the building…craning her head and trying to get her hands to her wheels.


I think she likes it there…

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One thought on “The Cheerleader Returns

  1. I LOVE that she was soooooo excited to be there and that she was able to communicate exactly what she wanted! Hope she had a great first day back!

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