Five Minute Friday | First

Ready, set, go…

In December, Bess said “I love you” for the very first time. To Adelaide. She hugged her big sister, said “I love you, Adelaide!”, and left Dave and I speechless. I can’t quit talking about the beauty between siblings — those with typical development and special needs. Bess shows so much compassion to Adelaide. She shares toys with her. Two-year-olds don’t naturally offer their favorite snacks to another child, but Bess willingly gives her food to Adelaide. She brings things to Adelaide and presents them with glee and pride. She greets Adelaide every morning. “Good Morning, Mama! Good Morning, Adelaide!” When the naysayers frown upon having more children, I’m just going to show them my daughters. Bess could’ve professed her love to anyone. She chose Adelaide. And she chooses her everyday.





Time’s up.

Join me at with your own five minutes of raw and unedited writing. It’s a new year!


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One thought on “Five Minute Friday | First

  1. Heartwarming. I have been blessed with several sisters and deeply appreciate the healing power of a caring relationship between siblings. Thanks for sharing this precious aspect of the relationship between your two girls.


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