Five Minute Friday | Time [and my thoughts on Alan Rickman]

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I fell in love with Colonel Brandon when I was 12 years old. As soon as I finished watching the Dashwood Sisters’ story unfold on the big screen, I checked out Sense and Sensibility from the library. I wondered if Alan Rickman was anything like Austen’s brainchild. And he was. As a preteen, I couldn’t understand Marianne’s inability to see Colonel Brandon from the beginning. He was everything I thought I wanted in a future husband. It doesn’t surprise me that I married Dave. I never thought love would be sex and roses and vacations. I desired for love to be sacrifice. I wanted a man who poured himself out for others. Gave his time and sweat. Dave’s dad unexpectedly died a few weeks after our engagement dinner. My fiance put his college on hold, in order to take care of his mom during their crisis. He did dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and checked her homework when she was getting weary and blurry-eyed. And he worked full-time. When she lost a second husband in a decade, this time with months of notice and preparations, Dave was there again. Mowing the lawn, doing home repair, cooking, and helping with his stepdad’s care. Dave hated the word stepdad, because he said Bob was more than that. “Bob loves my mom, my wife, and my kids as his own. He’s not my stepdad. He’s one of my best friends.” And when cancer took Bob from us, I watched my husband. My own Colonel Brandon. The one who does for others. Alan Rickman was an actor. A phenomenal one. And cancer took him, too. But I watch Sense and Sensibility with my breath caught in my chest. I marvel at how beautifully he portrays Brandon. Of all Austen’s men, the Colonel is one of my favorites. And when Mr. Rickman reads Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene, I am transported to a 12-year-old Lyndse. Hoping she gets to marry a man who reads to her. And a couple decades later, she did. My love reads to me. My love has one of his degrees in English Literature. My love cares for others when things are falling apart and storms are raging and all hope seems lost. Austen wrote the man. Alan brought him to life. And I get my own little piece in my real life world. The one that’s filled with cancer and heartache and true love. Austen lived in that world, too. It’s why she was able to make a girl in 1995 fall in love with an ideal. RIP Alan Rickman. You will be greatly missed.


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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | Time [and my thoughts on Alan Rickman]

  1. My introduction to Alan Rickman was in his role as Colonel Brandon. He was a marvelous actor. I never knew he played a lot of villains until recently. :) I was so saddened to read he’d passed away.

    Isn’t it fun how God gave you your very own Colonel Brandon? It sounds like your husband is a special man. You are blessed!

    Visiting from FMF. Sitting in the #4 spot today. :)


  2. Missy L says:

    He was a brilliant actor who made the characters come to life. The world will be missing a true gem.


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