What My 2016 Might Look Like

My goal-setting abilities are shoddy. Mainly because I can’t seem to show myself grace when I inevitably stumble. So, I either set something ridiculously facile. Yet still bomb it. Or I set something painstakingly complex, with benchmarks and calendars and bullet points and all. And bomb it even harder.

But here is what I think my 2016 *might* look like. It’s pretty lackadaisical, but maybe that’s what I need this year.

Hope. Because things have been difficult, and maybe this year will have some respite? Someone once asked Dave if we were in a tough season. His answer: “We’ve been in a tough season for three years now. But we’re still moving forward.”

Self-care. Really trying to show Mommy some love in this arena. I know I’m worth it. I just need to make it happen. I like looking attractive and being strong and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Continuing my strength training is paramount. But pretty eyebrows are also on the calendar.

Reading. I have had a love affair with reading since I was Miss Elizabeth Mae’s age. I am currently rereading Beowulf. “And about 20 other things,” she murmurs under her breath. I have so much reading planned for this year, but I’m just taking things one onion leaf page at a time. I do need some additional bookmarks. All mine are currently in use. And I found three more books to start.

Facebook. I also love Facebook. I have so many beautiful souls on there. You won’t see me giving up my online therapy anytime soon. It’s a lifeline for an extroverted Mama raising three out-of-the-box kiddos. But I am protective of my time online. I only follow the people who feed my soul and care about my tribe. And I follow all.things.baby.

Blogging. No idea what the year holds. Last year, I was paid for some articles. Then I was told I would no longer be paid for articles. I went from editors asking permission to publish my work to receiving the dreaded “we’re sorry, but we’re going in a different direction” emails. And it’s all good. The blog had a record year. More than 80k visitors. But it’s the relationships that I love. Making new friends. I haven’t given up on writing. I just have no idea what it’s going to look like this year. I still vacillate between shutting everything down and shouting all my thoughts from the proverbial rooftops.

Baby. We’re having a baby! A family of six. I sometimes wake up and forget for the briefest of moments. Then, I start to throw up and remember. WE’RE HAVING A BABY! And I cannot even fathom how I will do it. Or where we’ll put him. Or her, but I have felt from the first moment that he is a him. Another baby. I’m giddy.

Ger. We’re buying a Mongolian Ger this year. The account keeps growing and growing. Aside from growing a human, it’s my largest goal this year. I will probably need to do a fundraiser at some point to get across that finish line.

In all of this, we remember that our plans can change in a moment. Believe me, special needs parents know this all too well. But I’m excited to get a few ideas down on paper. I’ll trip through all of it. That is the only given in all of this. I’m not the epitome of graceful, but I’m covered in grace.


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2 thoughts on “What My 2016 Might Look Like

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