Five Minute Friday | Quiet

Ready, set, go…

“She seems so loud to be nonverbal.” What a friend said about Adelaide. “Yes, it just means she can’t actually communicate with us verbally. But they don’t have good words to describe these things.” Well, they do. But not ones I use with my friends and family. I also don’t use colpocephaly everyday. Or her six other brain abnormalities. But all the people who love Adelaide know about PMG. Polymicrogyria is in our dictionaries. And we use nonverbal. Even though it’s not entirely a great fit. She says some words. She signs some words. Adelaide is constantly counting up to 20 and back. And she recites letters in meaningless orders. She often sounds like a Spelling Bee contestant who forgot to practice. Adelaide makes a noise that sounds like “Ditididddittttttidit.” It has meaning for her. It means, “I’m very excited right now!” When she’s actually tired, or pretending to be tired, she makes a baby-seal-being-devoured-by-a-polar-bear cry. I get horrible looks when we are out and she makes that cry. She’s learned to use it when she’s done running an errand. Because we *must* leave. It is impossible to remain anywhere when she goes baby seal. The looks. Those people who keep Child Protection Services on speed dial start to twitch. On Wednesday, I picked up Adelaide from school and her paraprofessional asked if we spell her nickname at home. “Yes, to the tune of B-I-N-G-O.” “Well, she spelled her name today! I asked her how to spell her name, since we were going to write it in shaving cream, and she started spelling it. A-D-D-I-E!” It’s a milestone I had removed from our table. We don’t actually have a table…house is too small. It’s a milestone I had removed from our kitchen island. Our daughter spelled her name. Our nonverbal, but rarely quiet, four-year-old spelled her nickname.

A-D-D-I-E. A-D-D-I-E. A-D-D-I-E. And Addie is her name, O…


Time’s up! Join me at with your own five minutes of raw, unedited, milestone, or mundane writing.


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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | Quiet

  1. Yay, Yay, Yay!!!! How exciting Mom! So glad I stopped by today!


  2. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing Addie’s great milestone. Visiting from FMF.


  3. This is amazing! I work with special needs kiddos – some of whom are nonverbal. It’s wonderful when something comes together for them. Blessings to you.

    ~#117 at FMF linkup this wk


  4. Such a precious post! And yay for hitting an awesome milestone!! :D


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