Co-Sleeping With Sextuplets

Miss Elizabeth Mae is our little mama. Last weekend, we went to a local children’s consignment shop to buy things for the twins. Bess saw a baby doll in a bassinet.


“Mama, he need me. He so firsty. He so sleepy. He so hungry. He need me, Mama. He my Chwismas present? I didn’t get a Chwismas present. He so cold. Gimme dat baby.”

I was wrapping Christmas gifts at 3 am. On Christmas. When I realized that we had forgotten to buy anything for Bess. She had leggings and books. No toy. So, I did what any normal mom would do: wrapped an opened box of fruit snacks. Don’t judge lest you be judged.


Bess mentioned a few weeks back that she never received a toy for Christmas. “Yes, we’ll get you a Christmas present. Tell mommy when you see something you like.”

The doll became our late-January consolation prize. $10. We adopted Elizabeth’s 6th baby and bought homecoming outfits for the Ballew Twins.

Bess is never without one of her babies.


Or all of her babies.


She also finds babies at every church function and playdate. If babies are at a thrift shop and missing their clothes, they are instantly part of the Ballew Family.


Our little mama. And the only person I’ve ever met who co-sleeps with sextuplets…


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3 thoughts on “Co-Sleeping With Sextuplets

  1. Nancy says:

    Just confused how you could “forget” to buy your daughter a Christmas present?


    • Lyndse says:

      Ebay, Amazon, and TJMaxx were sold out of the gift we were going to buy…doll clothes…and I forgot to go get something else, because I was so sick with the twins. Vomit and nausea 24 hrs a day. : /


    • Elizabeth says:

      I believe the author did also state that she had gotten leggings and books for her daughter, just not a toy. Pretty sure leggings and books count as presents.. Maybe not as exciting as toys to a child, but still worthy of being considered presents. Forgetting to get a toy while dealing with children and morning (all day) sickness, definitely understandable. Respect.


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