She Walked

We’ve waited more than three years for Adelaide to walk. You would think 1,000+ days would’ve been ample time to prepare me for that moment, but I was breathless in the parking lot when her paraprofessional gave me the news. And then I was jumping. Crying. Shouting. Giving Adelaide kisses. The next day, I saw this video of her first steps. I have watched it close to three dozen times. Adelaide walked for the very first time on January 27, 2016.





And the next day, she tripled her distance.


She walked.

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4 thoughts on “She Walked

  1. literacygirl says:

    Yay!! She looks so proud of herself in the video. :-) What a beautiful blessing!


  2. S says:

    Your little Adelaide reminds me so much of Melanie in the children’s book, “Out of My Mind.” I wish everyone could realize how so very smart, determined, and beautiful Adelaide is!


  3. […] the next family as much as it blessed us. We had some pretty awesome dance parties with it. And the skills Adelaide developed during her Upsee time are […]


  4. […] Wednesday, Adelaide had 2.5 hours of physical therapy at school. She spent half an hour walking the halls with assistance. We then spent two hours in a wheelchair clinic. It’s our 7th adjustment to […]


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