One Week Later

It was Monday, nearing that 2 o’clock hour. My mom watched the kids, because I couldn’t be at the house. One whole week. I ended up at Hallmark. Staring at a wall of clearance Christmas ornaments. And then I saw them. At exactly 2:10. A set of babies. One with dark hair and one with light. Dated 2015 — the twins’ only Christmas. And I knew I had to buy them. My little love note from God. I brought them home. Cut their fairy wings off with utility scissors. And just held them in my hands. They are the size my babies were when they left this world. And God said, “Just keep moving.”


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3 thoughts on “One Week Later

  1. […] first MRI. One of my best friends sent me vinyl monograms. I picked up a new planner on Monday, right after a little girl ran up and asked when my baby was due. She was so excited. I answered […]


  2. ohAmanda says:

    Oh, Lyndse. I just read the whole post about the birth. I’m so so sorry. I just said a prayer for you—for you to feel God binding up your broken heart and being near. Also, we have those same ornaments. Now, I’ll see them and remember your sweet babies.



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