RideWear | My Valentine’s Day Gift

Dave surprised me with earrings for Valentine’s Day. Our sweet friend, Rachel, made them. She is a phenomenal artist.




She makes jewelry from damaged carbon fiber bicycle frames. The lovelies on the far left are mine. From a 2005 Bianchi 928. Swoon.


Dave was planning on buying them for me before we lost our babies. He said the earrings looked like me.

I was smitten with them as soon as they arrived. There is no photo of me opening them. Our kids were sick. Dave was sick. I was still recovering from surgery. But I opened the box and they were love.

Because they are a pair, but they are different. Just like our fraternal twins.

I was in a maxi skirt, because none of my clothes fit. My belly still thought it was growing tiny humans. I had on zero makeup. My hair hadn’t been washed in several days. All three kids were screaming and crying.

But I put on my upcycled earrings and wore them while I washed diapers and bottles and pee sheets and highchair trays.

The weekend after Valentine’s Day, we went to the park. Queen Elsa turned four. With her gown and leggings and Sunday School shoes. Best friends, like brothers, played a rousing game of “Frow Da Dinosaur Bomb Eggs At Da Bad Guys” while Her Royal Highness begged them to get juiceboxes.


The sun was shining. 76 degrees in February. I was in brand new clothes. I put on makeup and fixed my hair and wore my new everyday shoes. And I still looked pregnant, but my body was slowly figuring out that it wasn’t anymore.

I put on my earrings. I ate wintry birthday cake. I pushed Adelaide in a baby swing. My best friend and I talked about Laurence and Flannery. Just enough to make me smile, but not enough to bring any tears.






And I thought, “I’m going to get through this.”

I was able to lift Adelaide again. I was making jokes. I wasn’t weeping every hour from the hormones and the grief that comes in waves.

And I even had complete strangers on the playground approaching me. Asking about my earrings. It felt normal. It was beautiful to feel normal. And it wasn’t lost on me that my new favorite earrings were made from something broken. We are both being made into something new and beautiful and useful again.


You can shop for your own RideWear earrings here. They are gorgeous, unique, and lightweight. I love mine. You’ll love yours, too.

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