Our Wheelchair Anniversary

Last March, we bought a wheelchair. We got it 50% off. It arrived in several boxes and I spent 18 hours, over 2 days, assembling it. I kept crying. Not because Adelaide couldn’t walk, but because I kept dropping the Allen wrenches. I think I dropped them two hundred times.


Last Wednesday, Adelaide had 2.5 hours of physical therapy at school. She spent half an hour walking the halls with assistance. We then spent two hours in a wheelchair clinic. It’s our 7th adjustment to this chair in one year.

Even though Adelaide has taken some steps, she is still a knee-walker and a crawler. And we need her chair to meet her ‘right now’ needs, even while we dream about a future sans wheels.


But Adelaide does everything in her own time. Even sleeping. That’s why we bought a tilt-in-space chair last year. There is no wrong time or place to nap. Not when you’re Adelaide.


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