Grahamism | Dental Insurance

“Mama, if I got a cavity, I’m just gonna tell him I can’t get it filled cuz ‘We don’t got insurance wight now. Sorry!’ and den I’ll just walk out. Dey will buh-lieve me and I won’t need a shot.”


Dave and I were laughing so hard. We do have insurance, but Graham overhead me saying there could be a clerical issue with mine and I would postpone my appointment until we heard from the insurance agent. We’ve been with this dentist for years, but Dave took a new job last December. Then, I think I said, “If I don’t have insurance, they are not cleaning my teeth tomorrow. I’ll just take Graham, reschedule mine, and leave.”


This morning, Graham asked several people if our insurance was working. Asked to see insurance papers and cards. And asked if the insurance people needed to talk to him and make sure he was, in fact, Graham.


On the way out, he asked me to call the insurance people. “Tell dem I was good, I don’t got any cavities, I gotted a Angry Birds sticker, and I’m getting a Mario toy.” I’ll get right on that. My favorite thing on this green Earth is phone conversations with insurance companies. Plus, I can tell them I’m cavity-free, too. My prize was a Stranger Than Fiction dvd…


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