Socks That Don’t Break The Bank

“Where did you get her socks?”

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions about Adelaide when we are out in public.

Adelaide wears nested orthotics that go up her calf. Without them, her ankles buckle under her body weight. Calf braces require knee high socks, which aren’t easy to find. Especially since Adelaide’s feet are so small.

Right now, she wears a 6/7 shirt, a 5/6 pant…in the waist, but the length should really be closer to a 4t…and she wears a size 5 shoe. Adelaide wears smaller shoes than Bess does. Which caused quite the scene when I tried to put baby sister’s old shoes on big sister for church. It was like a Zora Neale Hurston novel over here.

When we first got orthotics, I spent days searching for socks. Adelaide was 3 years old and needed 6-12 month socks. I finally found some I loved on Amazon. They were from JuDanzy, $3 a pair, and adorable! When she outgrew those, I immediately went to Amazon and ordered 12-24 month socks. Some were repeats, but we added some new styles.

A few months ago, Adelaide outgrew all but 2 pair, which meant I needed to wash socks everyday. I do laundry 6 days a week, so that part wasn’t a huge deal. But last week, getting those stragglers on her growing feet became close to impossible. It was time to buy new socks.

In the past, I’ve spent $2-$4 a pair, which is much cheaper than actual orthotic socks. Today, they were $4 a pair. And I was thrilled with our choices! They seem more grown up this time around. I’ll miss her ballet and Mary Jane socks, but these were a blessing for our Big Girl!






And that’s my long-winded answer to a short question.

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One thought on “Socks That Don’t Break The Bank

  1. Those are super cute! Love Zora :)


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