A Diaper By Any Other Name Would Absorb As Much Pee

The Big Baby. That’s what they call Adelaide’s newest cloth diaper in co-op groups and online forums. Worn by actual big babies, since one-size diapers usually stop fitting at 35ish pounds. Or used by toddlers who are not quite ready for potty training.

Baby Large Size Cloth Diaper Reusable Washable Cloth Nappy + 4 Layer Insert. That’s what the company calls it. Thank you, Chinese Copywriter, for trying. I applaud your effort. 

Special Needs Diaper. That’s what I’m naming it. Because we’ve been stressing with Adelaide’s family and friends that she is not a baby, but a Big Girl! A big girl with some special needs. Who just so happens to wear a diaper that works for kiddos up to 80+ pounds. 

“Pretty Raind-bow Stepping Stone For Bess And Some Yoond-icorns.” What Miss Elizabeth Mae calls it. Our Saturday delivery kept her busy for 24 minutes. Twenty-four glorious minutes. Mommy drank her coffee in peace. 

And that was well worth the $7.20 per diaper. 

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One thought on “A Diaper By Any Other Name Would Absorb As Much Pee

  1. Amber Wiseman says:

    My first thought when I saw your e-mail with the first part of the post was – “Big Baby”? Really? That seems…awkward at best, offensive at worst. I’m glad you treat Adelaide like a big girl and not a “big baby”!

    Also, the word nappy cracks me up. In Australia, they have stores called “Nappy World” which is just too funny for me. I don’t even know why. It just is. Then I discovered there is a Pokemon (or something?) character called King Nappy. Nothing to do with nappies, just poorly named.

    PS: I totally see the unicorns ;)


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