Miss Elizabeth Mae | Chicken

“His name is Cocker!”

“Can we call him Clucker? Chickens say cluck, cluck, cluck!”

“No, thanks! Chicken Cocker his name!”

“How about Bok? Chickens say bok, bok, bok!”

“No, thanks! His name Chicken Cocker!”

“What about Mr. Rooster?”

“Yup! He a rooster! That’s why his name Chicken Cocker! Cock-a-doodle-doo! Chicken Cocker!”

The newest addition to Miss Elizabeth Mae’s Home for Unwanted Toys. A stuffed rooster from a local flea market. 


She has 15 dolls all named Baby. But you got a name. Welcome, Chicken Cocker. 


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3 thoughts on “Miss Elizabeth Mae | Chicken

  1. Rachelle says:

    That picture of her in the shopping cart. 😹


  2. […] refused to take off her nightgown this morning, so I wrangled her into some leggings. She and Chicken Cocker were carried out to the van amid protests from the kindergarten sibling accusing me of showing […]


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