Miss Elizabeth Mae | Beans

“Mama, I want some Japanese Beans?”

“You want taco beans? Pinto and black beans from our tacos?”

“No, I want Japanese Beans!”

“Do you want white beans? The kind we eat with ham?”

“NO! I want Japanese Beans!”

“Kidney beans? Like chili?”


“Garbanzo beans? Do you want our hummus beans?”

“Mama! Listen to me!”

“Tell me more about Japanese Beans, please.”

“Mama, the beans from Jesus is alive day!”

“Easter Beans? We ate white beans on Easter.”

“No! No! No! Pink, purple, green, blue Jesus is alive Japanese Beans!”

“Jelly Beans. You want Jelly Beans.”

“Jell-y Beans! I love jell-y beans! Oh no! Graham, the car won’t work!”


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