We Bought A House

We bought our house 10 years ago. Some places in our house still look like we just moved in. Others have been completely renovated. Ripped out walls. Raised ceilings. We’ve seen the dirt under our house while eating dinner. This sweet 1940s bungalow that was moved to our current location in the late 1960s and added onto in the 70s and 80s by intoxicated folks. I’m not saying that in jest. We found whiskey bottle evidence. And a discarded toilet plunger in the attic. I used to be embarrassed of our house. A hodgepodged fixer-upper that was never going to be in a magazine. Do people still read magazines? It was never going to be on Pinterest. We bought something below our budget, with hopes of making improvements. And we’ve been improving it for 10 years. Slow progress. I’ve come to peace with it. It was a long conversation with God about my hopes and dreams and expectations. My discontentment and ugly places in my heart needed to be cut away. Replaced with the truth about how the choices we make really do matter. I didn’t actually want a large, picture perfect house. I just wanted a finished house. Which was not going to happen overnight. Once I accepted that, life became easier. And I’ve grown to love it. Or at least not loathe it so much. I vacillate between adoring our work in progress and being indifferent. Much like how I view my body and our minivan. Not what I want them to be, but functioning and decent and what they are. I never wanted sunbursts  or marble halls, I just wanted a safe place to make memories with my own Gilbert Blythe. Ten years ago, we bought a house. It doesn’t define us. It’s just a house. But it becomes a little bit more us everyday. Maybe it will be done someday. Maybe it won’t. I just keep filling it with more books and my favorite roses. Which I bought from our grocery store, because a mole destroyed my attempt at growing a rose bush after 10 years of repeating, “I’d like to plant some things this year.” 


3 thoughts on “We Bought A House

  1. Cindy says:

    So glad to read you again!


  2. […] be working my way through it. Our little house is going to be decluttered and organized before Adelaide returns to special needs preschool and […]


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