#DOSummer2016 with Jon Acuff

Last Summer, I participated in the Do Summer Challenge. It was fantastic. I split 30 minutes each day working on two skills: strength training and fingerspelling. I regretted zero seconds of my challenge last year, because I chose skills with big payoffs. Everyday, lifting Adelaide became easier. Everyday, my fingerspelling became quicker and more accurate. 

I knew I wanted to sign up again this year, but I had zero ideas. I am strength training more than 15 minutes a day now. I spend more than 15 minutes a day practicing my sign language. Jon mentioned choosing something that scares you. Writing always scares me. But since I’m easing my way back into writing, I’m not interested in putting any pressure on myself. 

I’ve been eying Ruth Soukup’s newest book. I love most of her work over at Living Well Spending Less. We made it through some incredibly tough financial times during Adelaide’s early diagnosis days by taking entire months to spend as little as possible. We would eat all our food from the pantry and freezer. We would buy nothing but complete necessities the entire month. The kids and I would only have play dates at our own house, because gas was for work and church. And it was amazing how we were able to snowball hundreds of dollars very quickly during stressful times. 

I wanted my Do Summer challenge to be hard this year. But I wanted that huge payoff from my 15 minutes a day. So I bought Ruth’s book on Amazon.

I’ll be working my way through it. Our little house is going to be decluttered and organized before Adelaide returns to special needs preschool and Graham starts homeschool 1st grade and Bess continues to vacillate between the sweetest child I’ve ever known and some loon on The Bachelor. Which I’ve never seen, but I’ve seen enough Jimmy Kimmel parodies to get the gist. 

I have several reasons for wanting to get our house in order. First, Adelaide walked! Did you see it on Facebook? I’ve watched it at least 50 times and I can see it in real life! It will give you goosebumps. Anyway, I need to get our spaces Addie-proofed in case she starts taking more than 12 assisted steps at a time. Second, I need a project. I was supposed to be finishing up a nursery and giving birth this Summer. It will be good for my soul to do something productive. The alternative is to see how many Starburst I can eat at one time and binge watch Parks and Rec. Third, our house is small and we have two people who don’t like to get rid of anything. Our strong-willed duo love stuff. And used straws. And clothes that are too small. And broken toys. And all.the.pieces.of.paper.the.church.has.ever.sent.home.ever. We are about to start VBS and we still have everything from last year’s VBS. Nope and nope. A purge must take place. 

Check back here in about 100 days to see how far I get on this house. I spent $10 on the book, so I’m committed! 

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2 thoughts on “#DOSummer2016 with Jon Acuff

  1. […] Once I update the family frames with current photos and clean 590 bugs out of the light, the hallway will be done. Purged, cleaned, organized. Including our Super Closet. It makes other single duty closets look weak. “Oh, you only hold towels and sheets? Have fun being *only* a linen closet,” he mutters under his breath. He’s sometimes an arrogant jerk, but I love him anyway. And he doesn’t have any spiders. So I let him get away with some bragging.  *This project was part of my #DOSummer2016 challenge with Jon Acuff. You can read about it here.  […]


  2. […] part of my #DOSummer2016 challenge with Jon Acuff {I would like to point out right now that I *completed* last summer’s challenge like a […]


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