Worth Is Not Based On Productivity 

“Will you always take care of her or choose that assisted suicide thing? Will she ever do anything for the rest of us? You know, contribute?” I stared at him with my mouth just hanging open.

And that is what is wrong with Western culture. We’ve raised a couple of generations to believe that we give up on the people who make life more challenging. That worth is based on productivity. That we get rid of what isn’t like the majority. 

These are the very people we should be protecting. Adelaide requires round-the-clock care and observation. She can’t get her own food, use a toilet, walk, talk, work, flip herself over to keep from choking on her vomit, dress herself, or tell us where she hurts. She can’t stop her seizures. Doesn’t that mean she gets an extra measure of compassion? 

A gorilla died and the world went crazy. Alligators died and the media couldn’t stop talking about it. Their ‘right to life’ trended for days upon days. But more than 50 people in Adelaide’s short life have voiced their opinions about her deserving abortion in my womb or assisted suicide/euthanasia when she’s “stopped making progress”…and that is scary.

It’s unfathomably disturbing that we don’t value the ones who need us most. The vulnerable. 

Adelaide’s life is no less worthy than anyone else’s.

But Graham’s generation is learning the opposite. That people can be different than you, but only if they can take care of themselves. That we don’t do the hard things when there’s a seemingly easier way out. And that it’s better to be dead than to be disabled. 

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