Grahamism | Spaghetti

A family of five is traveling in a minivan. They’ve just been to a zoo, and are now traveling home via scenic routes. One daughter is fussing. The other has fallen asleep. A boy and his parents are enjoying the drive down the Strip.

Graham: (shouting toward the front of the van) “Daddy, what does dat sign say?”

Dave: (turning to address Graham) “It says Pasghettis. It’s a restaurant.”

G: (quietly) “You mean spaghetti?”

Lyndse: (whispers to Dave, while keeping her eyes on the slow-moving cars directly in front of them) “Did he just say spaghetti correctly?”

D: (laughing) “He corrected my pasghetti.”

L: (bewildered and chuckling) “No, he doesn’t say spaghetti. He just said pasghetti last week.”

D: “Well, now he says spaghetti.”

L: (speaking loudly toward the third row seating, while keeping careful watch of the SUV braking erratically) “Graham, what do you call noodles and sauce?”

G: (thinking it’s a trick question) “Pasta? Spaghetti?”

L: (to Dave, with one hand leaving the steering wheel for her heart) “He doesn’t say pasghetti anymore. I think I’m going to cry.”

D: (to Graham) “Yes, spaghetti. The restaurant is called Pasghettis as a joke.”

L: (tearing up; addressing Dave) “I can’t believe he says spaghetti now. It happened so fast.”

Scene ends with a 6 3/4 year old boy being more grownup than he was just one week before. End scene. 

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