Our Closet Is A Jack Of All Trades

We live in a 75-year-old house with one common closet. A hall closet in our only hallway. 

Our closet this morning. It doesn’t look that full, but looks can be very deceiving. 

The hall connects our master bedroom, small bedroom, office-turned-bedroom, and our only bathroom. 

I have this horrible habit of shoving things into that closet. And then lining the hallway with stuff that won’t fit into the closet. 

And I should thank my lucky stars that Dave didn’t divorce me in the month of our 10th wedding anniversary, because our hall looked like this for most of June. And all of July so far. 

He offered to help clear it out, but I had nowhere for it to go so I batted my eyelashes and changed the subject. Instead of tackling the hallway and the closet, we shared craft beers, watched British detective shows, and had sex. It was actually a fantastic plan, but eventually someone was going to trip over the clutter and require a visit to the emergency room. 
If I want to blame shift, I can easily land on that baby gate. It enabled me to keep stuff away from Bess and Adelaide. I could just drop my problems into an abyss. 

I can also blame people who built houses in the past for making tiny spaces with no storage. 

And let’s cast some blame on clearance bins. Because it turned out that most of that closet was filled with stuff that cost less than a quarter…but was about to cost me my sanity.

So I emptied it all out. Everything. Every single thing. And I started throwing stuff into three piles: stuff that was going back into the closet; stuff that was going into the trash; stuff that was going somewhere else. Out.of.my.house. 

After what I’m certain was no less than 14 years, I finished sorting/tossing/bagging/hauling/organizing. And only about 30% of the original stuff remained.

Our closet is a jack of all trades. It houses our jackets, coats, winter gear, craft supplies, projects, linens, steam cleaner, vacuum, workout gear, gift wrap, and toilet paper. That’s bungalow living for you. 

Since the hall is now clean, I took down the baby gate. Adelaide crawled back to her door and laughed. She was up on her knees, knocking with both hands. It’s a whole new world. Or at least an extra 37 sq ft of crawling space. 

Once I update the family frames with current photos and clean 590 bugs out of the light, the hallway will be done. Purged, cleaned, organized. 

Including our Super Closet. It makes other single duty closets look weak. “Oh, you only hold towels and sheets? Have fun being *only* a linen closet,” he mutters under his breath. He’s sometimes an arrogant jerk, but I love him anyway. And he doesn’t have any spiders. So I let him get away with some bragging. 

*This project was part of my #DOSummer2016 challenge with Jon Acuff. You can read about it here

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One thought on “Our Closet Is A Jack Of All Trades

  1. […] As part of my #DOSummer2016 challenge with Jon Acuff {I would like to point out right now that I *completed* last summer’s challenge like a boss!}, we are purging and organizing our entire house. The entire thing.  […]


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