Laurence & Flannery’s Virtual Baby Shower 

Me: “Let’s get ready! We get to go buy a baby gift for a friend’s little baby boy!”

Graham: “Peoples are sposed to be getting us baby gifts, but our babies are dead. No one buys gifts for dead babies. Cept weirdos.”

I started laughing, because I’ve been planning a baby shower for Laurence and Flannery. Confirmation that I’m a weirdo. 

I decided awhile back that I was going to celebrate their milestones.  It’s part of my healing process. And as my friend, Haley, says, “When your kids die, you get to do whatever you want!” 

So I’m hosting a Virtual Baby Shower! And all of you are invited! 

If you want to join us, we’re going to bless our local crisis pregnancy centers and church pantries with baby items! Diapers, wipes, clothes, bottles, blankets, baby food…there are literally thousands of items to choose from. 

So buy what you feel led to buy, and then drop it off at your neighborhood’s outreach. 

Not able to get out? Hop online and give to one of the many organizations that help babies in need! We are fans of WorldVision, Compassion, and Samaritan’s Purse. All three have online catalogs where you can search the word ‘baby’ to see how you can help monetarily. 

Be sure to snap a pic of you with your goodies and join in Laurence & Flannery’s Virtual Baby Shower! 

You can 1) share on Instagram by tagging @bylittlehouseinthecity and using #LaurenceAndFlannery or 2) share them here in the comments or  3) over on the Little House In The City Facebook page

I’m so excited to see what happens! XX

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