Mom Confession | Facebook Friends

Pretty recently, I cut about 3/4 of my Facebook friends. I had a few hundred people in my social media circle who never actually interacted with me. 

If it had been a real world coffee date, it would’ve gone like this:

Friend: I drank coffee today. 

Me: I like that!

Friend: We went to Disneyland and the beach.

Me: That’s awesome!

Friend: I’m really ticked off at people who don’t use roundabouts correctly.

Me: Me, too!

Friend: Here are five photos of rescue dogs.

Me: Not my thing, but I like that you are compassionate. 

Me: Adelaide walked in her gait trainer for the first time!

Friend: *crickets*

Me: We’re pregnant again!

Friend: *crickets*

Me: We lost our twins.

Friend: *crickets*

Me: Adelaide walked! Here’s a video!

Friend: *crickets*

Me: Adelaide had a seizure. Please pray.

Friend: I drank coffee today, went to a different beach, and rescued cats.

Me: *sigh*

I know social media has its own rules, but that doesn’t mean I need to play by them. After all these years, I figured out what I wanted from my Facebook friends. 

Give and take. 

We like one another’s photos. We comment on one another’s statuses. We share in one another’s burdens. We rejoice in one another’s accomplishments. It’s a non-narcissistic way to interact with people and I love it.

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2 thoughts on “Mom Confession | Facebook Friends

  1. Good idea. I need to do a cleanout too.


  2. Tracy Erler says:

    There’s been some years where I want to stop “liking”–and now reacting to–the posts people share and actually comment on them. Liking and reacting to that friend’s picture of Gramma’s birthday celebration or that other friends cry for prayers–it’s just so easy. It’s a default. And I want to be more resolved to put my feelings and thoughts into words and actions instead of just a laughing face, a thumbs up, or a heart. And then I fall back into the thought of, “oh but this is how we do it on social media. It’s okay.” And maybe to a certain extent it is, but there are still people behind those videos and memes and posts and they deserve words. Thank you for sharing about your Facebook friends cleansing.


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