#22polishes22weeks challenge

“Dave, I have 22 nail polishes and there are 22 weeks left in the year! I’m going to wear one a week, keep the ones I love, toss the ones I don’t!”

“I can tell you right now how this will go. It won’t.”

Dave and I have been together 13 years, so it’s safe to assume that he’s right about my inability to complete any sort of ‘challenge’…so now I need to prove his sexy butt wrong! 

As part of my #DOSummer2016 challenge with Jon Acuff {I would like to point out right now that I *completed* last summer’s challenge like a boss!}, we are purging and organizing our entire house. The entire thing

It’s going really well. I recently finished our bathroom. I had already Spring Cleaned it, but went through it again and threw away a few more things. 

But my nail polishes are literally the last thing that need to be purged in the bathroom. 

So I came up with this silly little challenge. Because the math was perfect!

But when I lined them up for this cutesy little photo, I realized my math wasn’t perfect. I accidentally included clear top coats and base coats. So I actually have only 17 colors. I thought about throwing in the towel on #22polishes22weeks but I decided that the hashtag still stands. 

Most hashtags aren’t literal anyway. We all know #MyHusbandIsTheSexiestGuyAlive is just not true. We can’t all have the sexiest husband, and I doubt anyone reading this actually has the sexiest husband alive. But I hope you believe you do! 

And don’t get me started on kid hashtags. We can’t all have the smartest, prettiest, funniest, most amazing kid. 

So #22polishes22weeks is an artistic name. Just get on board with it. 

I’ll be posting a photo of my nails, the polish brand and color name, price of the polish, and any other fun info on Instagram and our Facebook page. Every 1.2 weeks. The math isn’t perfect, but neither am I! So it all works out! I think…

Even though my husband is the sexiest man alive, I want to prove him wrong! I WILL finish this challenge in 2016! 


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