Grahamism | Than

Me: “Write the missing number. Jon has 1 more.”

Graham: “One more what?”

M: “It doesn’t say.”

G: “Well, dey should tell us what it is. Is it good or bad?”

M: “We don’t know. They didn’t tell us in this problem.”

G: “Jon has 1 more than who? You can’t just say 1 more. I gotta know the than part. Every more or less gots a than. That’s how English works.”

M: “Jon has 1 more than Max.”

G: “So it’s 16. We don’t know what it is, but Jon’s got 16. Cuz 16 is one more than 15. I can prove it on da number line.”

M: “Awesome work! Ana has 1 less.”

G: “1 less than who? Max or Jon or Mia? It makes a big difference when dey don’t tell me da than! If Ana gots 1 less than Max, it’s 14. If she’s gots 1 less than Jon, she’s got da same as Max. 15. If she’s gots 1 less than Mia, it’s 4.”

M: “Yes, Ana has 1 less than Mia.”

G: “Well, da answer is 4. Dese people really gotta use than in dese problems. I’m not a mind reader.”


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4 thoughts on “Grahamism | Than

  1. literacygirl says:

    Why do they give us word problems if they’re not going to give us the whole story? ;-) I LOVE IT!


  2. ahdavey says:

    Next he’ll be saying it should be ‘fewer’ not less…


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