Ready For Sidewalks 

Me: “Bess, it’s time to walk to the house.”

Adelaide: “READY! WALK!”

Me: “Adelaide, you want to walk to the house, too?”


Me: “Okay! Let’s walk!”

I took her out of her car seat and positioned her in the middle of the sidewalk. I firmly held onto her torso as she took 48 reciprocal steps up the sidewalk. Forty-eight. Shouting, “READY! I WALK!” all the way. Bess was cheering, “GO! GO! GO!” Adelaide collapsed on the 49th step. With the biggest smile on her face. “BLUE!” 

Yes, sweet girl, we can watch Blue’s Clues. 

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3 thoughts on “Ready For Sidewalks 

  1. bff761 says:

    Way to go sweet girl (and Mama!), so so SO proud of you!!


  2. literacygirl says:

    Yay!! That is awesome!!


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