Adelaide’s First Stairs 

Yesterday, Adelaide decided she would walk all the way to the house. She took 89 reciprocal steps, including a turn, and went up our three stairs. I was there supporting her torso, but the leg strength and balance were all hers. She even problem-solved when her foot got stuck…moving it slightly back and then moving it forward. At the stairs, I just waited to see what she would do. When she lifted her left foot onto the stair, shifted her weight, and pulled her right foot up, I cried. The happiest mom tears. She took the last two stairs, leading with her left, and then collapsed onto the porch. All smiles. 

Today, it’s raining. I planned on carrying Adelaide into the house. But she had other plans. “I…..WALK…..RAIN!” So I gave my phone to my favorite boy, and we snapped some photos of Miss Adelaide walking. 

What a beautiful October surprise! 

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2 thoughts on “Adelaide’s First Stairs 

  1. literacygirl says:

    Those are some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen!


  2. Ali says:



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