Shop Small | Lyndse’s Favorites in 2016

RideWear: upcycled earrings made from carbon fiber bicycle frames

I’m privileged to know Rachel. She’s been a blessing to our family in many ways. From playing with my kids at birthday parties to pitching in when Adelaide’s medical bills were unfathomable to offering prayers when our twins died. She’s a real treasure. 

And I love her earrings. They are pieces of art. She and her husband, Jon, are passionate about the entire process from designing the pairs to selling them at markets. 

It’s a labor of love, reflecting their mission to show how broken things, and people, can always be made beautiful again. 

Spirit Love: Colorado’s only boutique in a restored vintage Airstream

Rachael and I have known one another since Junior High. She’s one of my best friends.

During some of the hardest times of my life, she’s been by my side…from two states away. She taught me how to dress, and she taught me how to see myself the way God sees me. She doesn’t just sell high quality clothing and wardrobe consultations. She teaches women how to be confident at any age, size, or season of life. 

My non-maternity wardrobe is mostly from her shop. She keeps my size, colors, and body shape on file to alert me when something I will love is on its way to the Glamstream. She gets the market items months before StitchFix does. 

Spirit Love has never let me down. I’ve kept every piece I’ve ever ordered. 

The Vintage Honey Shop: handmade teething and nursing necklaces made in Nashville, TN

I’ve never actually met Jen and Mel, but I feel like I know them. They are best friends, married to brothers. And sisters in Christ. 

When I reached out to them about doing a giveaway, they were immediately on board. My blog doesn’t have many readers, but I knew I wanted to share their necklaces with my community. 

I’ve used my own while nursing, babywearing, and bottle-feeding. It also saved us during teething times. Adelaide’s even used them for oral sensory during overstimulated moments out in public. The winner of my giveaway ended up being another Special Needs Mama. Her daughter, Karlee, enjoyed the necklace during g-tube sessions, time in her carrier, and when snuggling. Karlee has passed away, but her mama still has the necklace. 


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