And Then She Was Five

Adelaide turned five. She was supposed to have a Jelly Bean birthday party over the weekend. I made a banner and table decorations, had everything ready for cupcakes, and plans to make my mom’s famous Broccoli Cheese Potato Soup. We had supplies and gifts and ornaments and outfits ready to go. It was the first birthday party I haven’t wanted to cancel. 

I sound like a monster, but Adelaide’s birthday is a difficult time for me. In years past, the highchair prep and suggested gift list and lack of friends made it so hard to get excited. So I talked to Dave about canceling, and he supported it. Then I changed my mind, and he supported it. And we did that a few (dozen) times every year. But then we had her family party and loved it. 

This year, I was ready! Emotionally and physically. Dave teased that I jinxed it. 

Since I had the party plan and the heart behind it, our kids ended up with fevers and vomiting. At 4 am, on a Friday, I knew we had to cancel. It was so disappointing. Her 5th birthday. Cancelled. 

On her actual birthday, she was still sick. No school. No cute clothes. No fun anything. She took two naps and wore her boy pajamas from a yard sale. All her cute girly pajamas were dirty. Because I was, and still am, horribly behind on laundry. That’s what happens when you end up with 3 loads of vomit laundry on the first day of a stomach bug. 

My mom dropped off balloons and a miniature cake for her birthday girl. We put Adelaide in some real clothes and sang Happy Birthday. We took a few minutes to celebrate our first daughter. The one with the unknown life expectancy. The one with a combination of abnormalities her geneticists haven’t seen in anyone else. Our rare snowflake. The one who brings us joy every single day. 

We let her eat a few bites, then put it away. Stomach bugs and birthday cake don’t mix. But we couldn’t let the day go by without her knowing just how much she means to us. And she’s been begging for cake since she saw Christmas lights go up in November. She knows that Christmas means birthday.

We won’t get to reschedule. December is such a busy month and we already had only half the invitees coming that day. But we’re going to take Jelly Bean cupcakes and a banner to our family Christmas celebrations. And she’ll wear her special outfit and eat cake and clap when we sing. Our beautiful December Baby is getting her day…and I don’t think Jesus will mind one bit that He’s sharing his with Miss Adelaide. 

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3 thoughts on “And Then She Was Five

  1. qwietpleez says:

    He won’t mind at all ❤️ She is so stinking cute, I hope she’s feeling better . . .


  2. literacygirl says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope everyone is feeling better.


  3. Tracy Erler says:

    She’s precious ❤️ keep it up, my dear, you’re doing good.


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