Grahamism | Bad Things

“Mama, I know da Bible says God will use all da bad fings in our lives to turn em to good. Like in Joseph’s life. How his brovvers meant harm, but it ended up good. And how Moses was gonna get killed when he was a baby, but he got picked up by Pharoah’s daughter and saved God’s people. But I don’t fink it counts so much when you are just doing stupid fings. Cuz Samson was always just doing stupid fings he wasn’t supposed to do, like loving women he wasn’t supposed to love, and breaking all da fings God said not to do. Even dough Samson used his last strengf to destroy wicked Philistines, he kinda spent his whole life backwards. He made lots of bad choices for himself. So I fink da working good fings from bad fings doesn’t count if you keep marrying bad ladies who you know are bad. Dat should be in da Bible or somefing. ‘Do not expect God to make good fings come from marrying bad ladies.’ Dis is just da fings I fink about when I’m not trying to figure out how to be a real life Mario or how Black Holes work or how I’m gonna make mine own turkey dinner when I can’t use da oven yet.” 

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One thought on “Grahamism | Bad Things

  1. Jamie says:

    Oh my stars. LOVE this.


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