So long, 2016

I’ve decided not to do a recap blog post this year. All my most-read posts were about losing Laurence and Flannery. All other posts had fewer than 60 reads, so they didn’t seem worth sharing again. I tend to be a free market person. I don’t often write about things that people want to read, which is fine, but I’m not going to throw them back out there a second time. 

I’ve also decided not to do a looking forward post. I don’t have a word or verse or song for 2017.

I’m not making any goals for the new year. Scratch that. My goal is to carry Lewis full-term, but that’s out of my control. So no use listing it. 

I don’t have any expectations for my writing next year. I’ll just keep writing when I feel like it. And posting photos to Instagram. And sharing daily stuff on Facebook. 

Sorry, it’s a pretty anticlimactic way to end 2016. 

Thanks for traveling this road with us. We’ll see you sometime in 2017. XX


3 thoughts on “So long, 2016

  1. jenz3977 says:

    Anticlimactic can be good.
    Best wishes for 2017


  2. literacygirl says:

    See you in the new year!


  3. Maripat says:

    You sound like you are at peace. And your outlook has given me peace too.


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