Drive You Crazy | A Boudoir Session

I have this idea to do a boudoir session for Dave. My friend makes custom aprons, so I figure it could be sexy kitchen stuff. 

But then I remember I’m not really a sexy kitchen person. Or even a kitchen person. 

I’ve come up with the idea of a “Drive You Crazy” boudoir session. Where I would be in the sexy apron, with the sexy poses, but doing things that actually drive Dave crazy. 

All his kitchen pet peeves. 

Sexy photos of me using steak knives for everything. Cutting all foods, opening packages of food, opening packages from Amazon. Prying open things. Killing a spider. Steak knives are super versatile, and we have 8 of them! Or 10? Not sure, but I use most of them throughout the day. 

More shots of me cutting things on plates, because we have a plethora of plates and only one cutting board. I don’t have time to wash the cutting board all day long. 

A couple of me leaving food in Adelaide’s highchair and forgetting to clean off her tray. 

An entire series of shots involving me kicking food out of the way, to the edge of the kitchen, to avoid cleaning it up. 

Don’t forget when I put an unrinsed dish in the soapy water. Letting the food contaminate the clean water, and possibly clogging our drains. 

I need some sultry shots of me not completely drying off the dishes from the dishwasher. And it will be even better if I’m using a new towel from the drawer, when there was a perfectly good towel right there. 

I can’t forget the homeschool materials out hours past our school day. Those unifix blocks scattered everywhere and markers rolling to the floor. Falling into the crumb piles. 

The piece de resistance would be me putting leftovers into containers much too large for the food going inside them. I have no spatial reasoning skills, and I refuse to put those beans into a smaller container once I realize I grossly miscalculated the size of Rubbermaid needed for the job. 

Just an idea I’m tossing around. 

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2 thoughts on “Drive You Crazy | A Boudoir Session

  1. jenz3977 says:

    That would be AWESOME!!


  2. Ali says:

    Ummm this is an amazing idea! I may steal it…


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