And Then A Book Arrived From Texas

“Is she a real person?” Dave’s question a few different times. I’m obviously not going to fall for message requests from the widowed-hot-navy-seal-with-a-dog who is actually a scammer. But my husband wanted to be sure his wife wasn’t being tricked by a fellow-disability-writer-who-loves-literature-and-Taco-Bell charlatan. I reassured him that she was real. I was 98% sure she was a real person. And I was 100% sure we were going to end up great friends. That was more than two years ago. 

We started with Facebook messages, but quickly moved to text messages. I don’t remember why. Then she started sending gifts to my kids. And I started giving feedback on her upcoming book. Her husband texted me, with her permission, when she was hospitalized. He read my texts aloud to her. My husband prayed for her every time she was hospitalized. 

It’s not a typical friendship in the “Let’s get coffee and split this overpriced muffin” kind of way. It’s more of a “Em, Adelaide needs to poop within the next hour before we leave on this trip and I’m trying to find a place on the interstate to change her diaper” friendship. Emily knows the only answer is a combination of 5 memes and gifs. It’s the “Lyndse, I just bought more yarn.” kind of relationship. Seems innocent enough on the surface. But I know the implications of my spoonie buying yarn. 

It’s not a typical friendship.

But who wants typical when you can have what we have?

And I’m still not sure if Em called me a HERO or a NERD….that conversation could’ve gone either way.

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