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You Know You’re A Filmmaker’s Wife When

“Sweetie, did we wash my villain clothes?”

“I’ve got an idea that should need only a few guys.”

“We found this perfect spot for the explosion scene.”

“You’re in the movie this time. I need someone to kiss.”

“I just watched this great tutorial on YouTube.”

“I think I can build that myself for way less.”

“That was all shot on the GoPro.”

“Can you run to Salvation Army to see if they have an old, nasty prom dress?”

“Thank you for always supporting my dreams. I love you.”


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Ready Or Not {an award-winning short film}

Here it is, folks!

Dave Ballew & Jim Spena’s short film for the Discover Downtown 48 Hour Film Competition!

Yes, they took first place again. Yes, I am extremely proud.  Yes, that sexy guy in the BMW is *my* husband. {contented sigh}






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