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Grahamism | Thankful For…

“I’m fankful for LIFE! Dat God gives us life, even before anyone can see us in a Mommy’s belly. And we can live fowever if we believe all da verses in da Bible about it! God gives us life from da beginning to da end!”

I was feeling guilty that this year’s Thankfulness Project was so low key. But what a beautiful reminder that truth doesn’t need pomp. Just a pumpkin. And a Sharpie. 

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It is Monday. {how to choose thankfulness when your child eats poop…}

I think the title basically sums it up, people.

Adelaide somehow managed to get poop out of her diaper. Through a onesie and pants. Is she David Blaine?

In all fairness, she didn’t {technically} eat it. She only put it in her mouth, chewed it up, and then spat it out like a dog all over the floor. So much better, right?

I shrieked. Cried. Brushed her teeth. Changed her diaper. Brushed her teeth again. Cried some more. Evaded Graham’s questions. Brushed her teeth again. And again.

Then she fell asleep.


This is what I get for breastfeeding her sister.

How am I choosing thankfulness in what seems to be a silver-lining-less situation? I am not sure, but I am going to make something up, by golly!

She could have swallowed the poop. And I could have vomited. There. I did it…

This ‘keeping the blog about thankfulness in November business is hard work today! It will be much easier to share all my Joy Dare photos from our recent mini-getaway. Which is where Adelaide first tried to get poop into her mouth and I realized we needed onesies. But, let’s not focus on that right now.

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November Goals and 1,000 Gifts

Earlier this year, I tried to participate in Jon Acuff’s 52 & 7 Challenge. I made it through two sets, so about 100 days, and gave up. {Honestly, I am not even sure that he finished his own challenge…}

It wasn’t his fault. I just got completely overwhelmed.

{You are welcome to read about it here and here. But, it’s pretty sad.}

I am being more realistic this month, as my brain screams, “Do all the things! ” and my body whimpers, “Am I still alive?” Just being completely transparent, I didn’t even want to list any goals. Or think about doing anything. This. This is how I actually feel today…


But a new month calls! A month I actually love. It is filled with Operation Christmas Child, Thanksgiving, and what I like to call ‘Fill the House with Nativities Day’…some people shop and call it Black Friday.

So, here are my November goals:


Sleep.  Bess has her days and nights mixed up. I know it will reverse soon. The ‘Graham’ factor really plays into it. I think she sleeps during the day to cope with the stress. If that’s the case, she inherited that from her daddy. Dave sleeps when he is stressed or sick or overwhelmed. I am the opposite. My goal: sleep at least 4 hours a night.

Eat. I keep forgetting to eat. Not good when you are nursing. My goal: eat when the kids eat.

Stop eating. Just freezer chocolate. And just for awhile. I think I am forgetting to eat, because I remember going into the kitchen. But eating an M&M isn’t the same as eating a meal. Even if there is a peanut in it. On 1-3 hours of sleep a night, my brain doesn’t need any additional disadvantages. My goal: go the entire month without freezer chocolate. 

Walk. I have lost 25 pounds since I delivered Bess. I still have 30 more pounds of baby weight to lose. I am sitting at 185 pounds and have zero pairs of pants that fit me. Since I am getting pretty tired of wearing my one pair of maternity jeans, I am going to walk until I am comfortable resuming Zumba. My goal: 15,000 steps a day.

Mental and Spiritual

Read. I am obviously reading my Bible, but I need to read things that are written for grown-ups. I am actually really excited to read an e-book about dealing with paper clutter. How to develop a filing system and routine that works for you and your family. Sounds amazing, right? When you have a kid with special needs, the paper is ridonculous. I also need to read some books about parenting kiddos who are strong-willed. Because I am about to lose my mind with this child. I love him. But I don’t like most of what he is doing right now. Ugh. My goal: read at least one book a month.

Write: I loved the Blogtober 31 Day Blogging Challenge. I wrote at least once a day. I posted links and photos and videos and deep stuff and mindless fluff. It was wonderful. This month, I am committing to posting my 1,000 gifts. They won’t be posted every day. They may be in the form of words or photos or music. I just want to spend this month focusing on Thanksgiving. {The attitude, not the holiday.} I won’t limit myself to only posts about thankfulness, but I want the blog to have a different feel this month. My goal: share this month’s 90 gifts on the blog.


Sell. We are still selling a lot of things to help with Adelaide’s medical bills. Baby clothes and gear, maternity clothes, scrapbooking supplies, our yogurt maker. And so much more. The eBay store has been empty for awhile, but we will be listing again very soon. My goal: list 50 items in the eBay store or in an album on the Little House in the City Facebook Page.

Family and Home

Clean: I read an amazing book called Clean Enough. I just need the house to be safe for the kids. And semi-presentable in the case of a ‘drop-by’ visit. My goal: keep the house clean enough.

Teach: Graham starts homeschool preschool this month. What does that mean? On the days when I feel up to it, we will do a short lesson. The lessons will be based on weekly themes. But mostly, we will just play a lot. And most of our games and playtime will correspond with the theme. My goal: a minimum of one ‘formal’ lesson a week.

Social: I am not even listing a goal for play dates. Going into winter basically means we will be home a lot. I hope people will come visit us, but I don’t think I will be loading up the kiddos and traipsing all over the countryside. Actually, if we could traipse, I would totally do that!

I will update some time in December.

What are your November goals? Please share in the comments…

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